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About Behavioral Measurement Database Services

HaPI is a bibliographic database that contains over 200,000 records providing comprehensive, accurate information about measurement tools and instruments across diverse disciplines and professions.

Logo //

BMDS was founded in the 1970’s so modernizing its logo was a top priority when considering the investment in a new website. Along with needing a new graphic identity there was also difficulty around the perception of the service vs. the company offering the service. In this case the client opted to focus on the service (HaPI Database) because it is their only service and it already had name recognition.

BMDS focuses on providing a database of surveys, questionnaires, and other research tools for institutions around the world. Using the concept of measurement we went through a handful of iterations to coax out the final logo. We opted away from check boxes or radio buttons because of their vagueness on first glance and gradually opted for something a little more ‘on the nose’ but presented in a subtle and modern way. The old serif and asymmetrical attributes were out and smooth, intentional balance replaced it. 


Web Design & Development //

Behavioral Health Database Services contacted us in the hopes of taking a very basic website from ‘information only’ to a professional online presence.

Web design mainly flowed around UX. In seeking to draw in elements of the industry like check boxes, lists and professional services we also wanted to create a sense of how long they have been around and how established they’ve become as an integral part of the health and measurement industry. Clean implementation and consistent use of our branding guidelines has set the professional tone that made our client very happy. The team at Behavioral Health Database Services was great to work with and we look forward to supporting them in their SEO efforts. Click here to visit.

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