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Nozari Legal is a law firm servicing the Northshore of the Chicagoland area. Her practice areas include: Discrimination law, Employment law, Mediation, Business Law and Real Estate. It was important to them to communicate their style of practice which is heavily focused on mediation and finding common ground without resorting litigation unless absolutely neccessary. 

Logo //

Established in 2016 Nozari Legal is proud to be a woman-owned law practice focused on a holistic approach to law.  Their holistic and mediation focused approach was the inspiration for the logo. The circle plays off the font styling of the ‘o’ and was used as a chance to express interconnection using colors that were relevant to the business owner. The over-all effect is we think both polished, surprising, disarming, and communicates a pleasant aura of positivity. 

Web Design & Development //

We designed to speak to a new kind audience. One that expects vibrancy, activism and professionalism. Choosing the color scheme, photography and composition are the cornerstone of this project. With the design we wanted to evoke simplicity and transparency but remain mindful to not undermine the professionalism and clarity required to invite new clients to reach out. Every decision we made was based on if it communicated the brand’s mission and goals. The color and font scheme was chosen to be inviting and emotive. In a world of less than attractive attorney websites Nozari Legal stands out how it should. 

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