SEO & Marketing

SEO & Marketing

Strategize Your Brand.

What is a Brand strategy?

Brand strategy, in terms of SEO, is about thoughtfully considering all the aspects of your brand from logo to presentation. We want to think about how best to market it, show a contrast between you and your competitors and to use analytical insight to position yourself better.

Why do I need it?

Strategy is not just the process of organizing priorities to find out where to focus our efforts; it is the measurement of the value it contributes to your end goals. Of course, everything is essential, but when you have to set preferences, certain things come before others. Our approach to strategy will have you discover your Core Message and that of your competitors.  Learn how to ask the right questions and get to know yourself.

I already got this figured out

Great! A strong sense of identity is what we need to succeed.  We understand the passion and hard work it takes to come that far and want to partner with you whether it be to provide design services, web design, SEO or branding.

Create Your Content.

Why create content?

Content is why we search the internet. We have been hardwired to look for the new and fresh. Sometimes it is hard to put the finger on why something is interesting or engaging. The truth is that it’s probably because it gets refreshed or gets updated to be the thing you’re looking for. In other words, it is given attention and feels alive. We all love (or hate) Social Media platforms because they are always changing but that is simultaneously what creates the feedback loop to get people coming back. 

Content is also about real information. Information that someone can make a decision with or cite or make a poster and put on their wall.  Determining the content style that is relevant to your business and getting serious about the methodology can make a big difference for your business or brand. 

What can we do?

Part of what we are doing when we are figuring out what content we need to create is asking the questions: What is the angle you present? What is new about your business?  What is new about the way you do it? Do we have expertise, authority and are you trustworthy?  What about us do I want people to connect with? 

Content creation can take on many different forms, and here at Lu Design Studio we can help your build Digital Assets.

  • Infographics
  • Blog
  • Logo
  • Menu
  • Ad Design
  • Social Media
  • Custom greeting cards
  • Posters ETC…

Got any ideas?

We love talking with businesses eager to improve their appearance in the marketplace. Reach out today to find out how we can help build your brand and use our strategy to create custom content for you!

Manage Your Website.

What is website management?

Website management combines a few different services so that you don’t have to worry about doing everything yourself. Trusting a company to take on issues related to security, updates and site maintenance ensures that your product or service stays active and protected.

Talk soon!

We love the art and science that is SEO and Branding and would love to hear from you!