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TransformHarm.org // Case Study

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About TransformHarm.org

TransformHarm.org is a resource hub about ending violence. It offers vital resources to transformative justice organizers. The site includes selected articles, audio-visual resources, curricula, and more. Users can submit recommendations to be added to the focus areas and contribute to the broader conversation about these issues.

Logo //

TransformHarm.org started as a passion project for Organizer Mariame Kaba and eventually aquired funding through the Open Society Foundation to work with a designer and developer to bring it to life. Her influence on the movement of transformative justice is felt around the world.  

Initially the logo was not even considered until bringing the project to Lu Design Studios. We worked with her to develop a fresh and bold take on translating the meaning of the words into color & form. Communicating the contrast and connection of these two concepts became the cornerstone of the design process. It took only a few iterations to bring out the final product and lead to the creation of secondary brand assets.  

Web Design & Development //

The goal of this website was to serve as a nexus for all of the amazing content that is being created around the world concerning topics of transformative justice. Creating the proper flow and organization was crucial for a website that contains over 1,000 pieces of curricula, articles, videos and audio.

Six main categories house all the content. Within each category we created four sub-content sections made accessible and sharable. In addition to the raw content that needed to be uploaded and modified and maintained we focused on an engaging style to help focus the spirit of the message the site contains. 

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